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Interior House Painting

Bring new life to a single room or your intire home with Ocoee Painting Company's interior house painting service.

Exterior House Painting

Make the outside of your home as welcoming as the inside. Our exterior house painting service will brighten up any home.

Pressure Washing

We also offer general painting and other services for your home like furniture refinishing, pressure washing and more.

Quality Workmanship

Look no further! Ocoee Painting Company will give you the high quality workmanship your home needs and deserves.

House Painter in Cleveland, TN

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Ocoee Painting Company, LLC, is a family owned and operated business in Cleveland, TN. We offer pressure washing, exterior and interior painting services, and of course, Free Estimates.

Have you, or someone you know, been searching for a paint contractor that does QUALITY work and will stand by their word? That seems to be rare these days with contractors doing quick, sloppy jobs with a sprayer that will not withstand the elements or the test of time. It seems as though most painters get sucked into the fast pace of society and want to make the quick buck—with Ocoee Painting Company that is not the case.

From a young age I was taught how to paint the right way. Proper preparation, which could include pressure washing, scraping and/or sanding, and caulking or wood filling, is crucial in getting paint to adhere to the surface being painted. It is also very important that a painter in Cleveland, TN clean up after themselves and show respect to the homeowner. No one wants to come home after work and have to vacuum, mop, or pick up their painters’ trash! These steps will not be ignored if you choose Ocoee Painting Company.
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While a paint sprayer may be faster, nothing beats the old brush and roller method of painting. I firmly believe in quality craftsmanship and clean lines. Anyone can slap on a couple of coats of paint on a surface and it will look good from certain angles in a room or the road. But the homeowner will have to look at imperfections or bad detailing every day. If you are looking for a quick, poorly done job, you will want to call another painter. At Ocoee Painting Company we believe in attention to detail, quality and craftsmanship.
Do you work your tail off all week at the office, plant, etc. and simply don’t have time for small projects that you have been meaning to do for months or years? I can totally sympathize with you and would gladly be able to take these projects (that can become burdens!) and complete them so you can enjoy time off with your family, fishing, hunting, travelling, etc. These can range from freshening up your or your child’s room, making a stale living space come to life, or bringing life to a decrepit porch or railing. Ever see an old table or chair in thrift store or yard sale and think…hmm that would look good with a sanding, fresh stain or paint. Instead of letting that sit in your garage, give Ocoee Painting Company a call so we can turn it into something you’ll be proud of!
No job is too small!
It can be difficult allowing a stranger in and around your home, especially someone you hire to alter your walls or siding! We’ve all heard stories of theft, vandalism, and homes being left a mess by contractors from various trades. Let’s face it, half of the contractors out there are not licensed and/or do not have insurance to protect themselves from falls! You, the homeowner would not want to be responsible for their medical bills.

Business at Ocoee Painting Company is legitimate! We began the process of becoming an LLC, and are insured to protect homeowners and ourselves from unfortunate accidents that could happen while painting. Your home will be treated with the same respect as our own. No matter how big or small the job may be, you will receive the same attention to detail, craftsmanship, professionalism and cleanliness as everyone else.

Call us today at 423-715-6469 to get a free estimate and begin the process of getting those nagging projects done!
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Ocoee Painting Company, LLC, is a family owned and operated business in Cleveland, TN. We offer pressure washing, exterior and interior painting services, and of course, Free Estimates.
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